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Do Broker Wine & Cheese Social Open Houses Sell Homes?

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Here’s a question that was recently posed to me.

Do Broker Wine & Cheese Social Open Houses help sell my property?

Watch this short video for an honest explanation:


When you’re listing your home, the objective is to get as many buyers to your front door as you possibly can. So, are we safe to assume that if I put together a broker wine and cheese open house for your property, that that’s going to generate a lot of buyer interest?

Hey, I’m Lake Norman, Mike. I’ve been selling for over 20 for almost 25 years now, I’ve successfully closed over 2000 real estate transactions and I shoot it straight in real estate. It’s a model that I’ve always followed. Now, this might upset some of my fellow agents, but it’s the truth. Think about this for a minute. Let’s get right to the question.

Do broker wine and cheese social open houses sell a property? The answer to that question is an astounding no. It amazes me that we are still doing this type of marketing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love wine and cheese and I probably have way too much cheese way too often. But does it actually put buyers in my car driving them out to your property to view it? It just doesn’t happen.

There’s over 11000 realtors in the local MLS area, and when we show a property, we all use a key. We all use a lockbox. You don’t see a lot of people running around showing the property with wine. I mean, I would probably show up, no doubt, if there was a lot of wine and cheese on hand.

However, it does not do anything to sell your property. You think about the energy and the time and everything that gets put into putting this together. So maybe 12, 14 agents and this is how it works. I get an email. Mike, please come help support my client. We’re going to do a broker wine and cheese open house at this property on this date at this time.

We go in, we preview the home. That’s great. What? We’ve already previewed it online. If we have a buyer if I’ve got a buyer there at your front door already. Because it’s not like it used to be where consumers come to me and say, Mike, give me a list of homes to see and take me out and show them. No, they look at how you look online and then they make that determination. So having 10 or 12 or 14 brokers walk through your house to do a little wine and cheese social really does nothing or very little to sell your home. And that’s the truth and it’s a fact. And yet we still as an industry embrace it.

So, I answer a lot of these questions. I will continue to cover these topics. You can visit me at Lake Norman, Mike .Com, where I’ve got several videos that I produced that cover some of these types of issues and questions. If you have a question, please feel free to reach out, shoot me an email, shoot me a text. My number 704-258-7878. Just give me the question and I’ll answer.

I will be doing these videos every single week to try to help you, the consumer, differentiate what is marketing and what is not. Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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When you are listing your home, you want as many people through your doors as possible right? So it should be safe to assume that having your Realtor® put on a broker wine and cheese social open houses should help bring more buyers into your house.

The truth however, is that ‘broker opens’ as we call them, do little to nothing to sell your house!

If a real estate agent has a buyer that is looking for homes for sale and your home meets their criteria, that agent will put them in their car and take them directly to your house whenever its convenient for the buyer.

It’s not like it was in the old days when home buyers went to their agent to start their homes search. Instead, home buyers are using the internet and they will usually pick out the homes they like long before they even speak to their real estate agent.

It takes time and effort to put together these ‘broker opens’, and honestly that time and effort is better spent in other ways.

I’ll continue to ‘shoot it straight’ and answer your questions no matter how controversial they may be.

Just shoot me an email at or call us at (704)584-9781.

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